Recent Work

  • Resorts World Casino

    Resorts World Casino

    For Resorts we were asked to create a high energy driven music bed and voice over. To capture some of the excitement of the Resorts World Casino, we started with a basic “dance track” and enhanced it with some synths and melody to support the different casino visuals. Our voice over, Timothy Jane Graham gave us a strong performance with an exciting read.  Some musical sound effects along the way help to punctuate the voice over for a final touch.

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  • New York Community Bank

    New York Community Bank

    This spot has been a real winner for us. It has been running for about 10 years both on TV and radio.  An original composition with a jazzy pop melody stands the test of time and always sounds fresh. Edline Hart was our vocalist on this spot, and does a great vocal job with a touch of Etta James vocal styling.

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    For Nefcu we created is a light musical bed with a rhythmic pulse throughout. The pulse drives and supports the animated visual for a positive upbeat feel. We added some melody to a few of the visual changes and finally close with a signature sting.

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  • NCR- Orchestrate The Future

    NCR- Orchestrate The Future

    A corporate piece for a live on site orchestra featuring 3 solo violinists. The desired goal was to demonstrate 3 instruments working solo and joining together with an orchestra to form a unified direction and mission.  An original score was written for the full orchestra. The score had to be similar to the Bond Girls who are well known commercial recording artists. Melody is always key for us as the solo violins are heard first setting up the introduction.  We […]

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  • Greenhouse Bunch Animation

    Greenhouse Bunch Animation

    A fun project, working with some very talented people. We worked closely with creators Glenn Mohr and Jean Lundy, and Illustrator, Norman Clarke. On character reads and music. Character voices and zany melodies with full orchestration and sound effects helped bring these characters to life.

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  • Tropicana


    We used some acoustic guitars and light rhythm to bring out a warm retro sounding spot. This worked well supporting a mom and kids enjoying Tropicana, a brand we all remember growing up with.

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  • Walmart


    For this original composition we were asked to create a score, close to “When You Wish Upon A Star”. You will notice a hint of the original melody throughout. We added a rhythmic pulse, and strings to create a warm memorable vibe as close as we could get to the original.

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  • Canon EOS

    Canon EOS

    This project required complete surround sound with music and effects. We have a great setup that we use with JBL monitors and Protools 5-1 software and hardware. We used a ton of sound effects from race cars to horses galloping and panned them all around the speakers. With race cars it was front to rear creating a sense of fly-by’s. Each effect had it’s own surround placement. Our voice over was centered with a touch sent to our front and […]

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  • Eskimo Pie

    Eskimo Pie

    Eskimo Pie was an old school music scoring project. Pizzicato strings and orchestral bells were our choice for a light music bed that moves with the dialogue. We climax to a jingle with kids singing, I Can’t Tell A Lie, I Love My Eskimo Pie. The slogan is ours as well.

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  • Totally Tubular Time Machine

    Totally Tubular Time Machine

    A surround sound project for a well known NYC night club, Culture Club, was challenging. They asked us to create a surround sound piece for their audience as they enter the club in a time machine capsule. First we put together a bed with sound effects simulating a space ship blasting off in a time machine. We added a VO to the mix and some actual audio commercials from different time periods to the mix. We had to be there […]

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