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  • Canon EOS

    Canon EOS

    This project required complete surround sound with music and effects. We have a great setup that we use with JBL monitors and Protools 5-1 software and hardware. We used a ton of sound effects from race cars to horses galloping and panned them all around the speakers. With race cars it was front to rear creating a sense of fly-by’s. Each effect had it’s own surround placement. Our voice over was centered with a touch sent to our front and […]

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  • Totally Tubular Time Machine

    Totally Tubular Time Machine

    A surround sound project for a well known NYC night club, Culture Club, was challenging. They asked us to create a surround sound piece for their audience as they enter the club in a time machine capsule. First we put together a bed with sound effects simulating a space ship blasting off in a time machine. We added a VO to the mix and some actual audio commercials from different time periods to the mix. We had to be there […]

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