Original Artists

At Trevi Music, we have a large catalogue of original songs. From ballads to driving dance rhythms in many genres of music. Over the years we have written many songs that have been published and placed in movies. In addition our many artists range from Broadway Stars to home grown local talent in the NY area. From Heavy Metal bands to R&B and POP.


Ryan came to me in October 2012 looking for a producer to work with. She is a very eclectic artist who moves from genre to genre with ease. I told her in the old days a record label would frown on eclectic artists for marketing reasons. These are different times, however, and an artist has a chance to make the kind of record they want. For me, making the songs commercial and bringing out the strongest vocal performances, were my main goal. Ryan is a real pro and her acting experience helped make her vocal performances come alive. We got some immediate airplay on radio stations and landed artist of the week on WHLI. Our success so far has been fantastic and I look forward to working with her again. There is a lot more to come from this very talented and prolific artist.